In Sanxenxo and its surroundings we can find beautiful and charming beaches as well as small fishing towns that posses a unique charm. Only in the region of Sanxenxo where you will find twenty-four beaches that you can enjoyin its more than 30km of coast of the beast characteristics. The beaches of Sanxenxo are one of the main tourist attractions in the area, they occupy the top of the national list of clean beaches that posses the blue flag. Nothing less than 18 beaches are awarded with this title inside the limits of the area.


One of the most beautiful beaches of RiasBaixas and Galicia is the beach of A Lanzada situated in a singular landscape inside the borough of Sanxenxo, it is a beach of 2400 metres and has a width of 60 metres of fine white sand. It has a blue flag and a wide variety of facilities available

One of its most popular beaches that it is in the heart of Sanxenxo is the beach of Silgar.

It has all the services that you would expect and it is surrounded by a modern promenade.

The Madamais a sculpture made from bronze and mounted on a rock called the rock of

Corbeiro and it is the symbol of the region. From this beach we have the best sea views. Every day of the year the people of Sanxenxo and Portonovo go for an evening walk to enjoy the sunset.

Caneliñas beach is the smallest but equally as beautiful and it is one of the quietest beaches in the area.

Montalvo beach is located in a beautiful natural landscape with fine white sand; it is highly visited and has all the facilities you would expect.It also possesses a special recreation area and campsites. In Montalvo we can enjoywater sports like surfing, windsurfing, body boarding, etc. The pine tree areais equipped to prepare barbecues and picnics.

Baltar beach is a semicircular beach situated in an urban area separated from the beach of Silgar by PuntaVicañoand the quay ofChascoby the marina ofPortonovo. It has fine, white sand with calm waters; it is an ideal beach for water sports like sailing and windsurfing.

Major beach, measures 600 metres. It is very beautiful and it has magnificent views of the island of Ons.

The beaches of the islands of Cies are breath taking, above all the beach of Rodas,

One of the most beautiful beaches surrounded by an unforgettable landscape, it is the biggest of the island of Cies. In the interior of the island there is a natural salt water lake of incredible beauty.


Sanxenxo for many years has been an important place for practicing nautical activities. Prove of that are the “Volvo Ocean Race 2005/06”, the Audi Challenge or theMáster Corte Inglés, among others. The sporting marina of Juan Carlos Iis considered one of the best sporting ports of Spain. It is ideal for the nautical activities such as sailing, cruises, and for the more adventurous it is possible to enjoy water-skiing, kayak, scuba diving, windsurfing, etc.